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The Legend of Zelda cover THE LEGEND OF ZELDA (1986)

With all apologies to the Mario collection — and I’m not about to say that Zelda games are better than Mario games, or anything like that — The Legend of Zelda might just be the greatest NES game of them all. It’s remarkable that they got so much of Hyrule — albeit with no buildings and no people except those living in caves and tree trunks — into those 8 tiny bits. The ending isn’t that much but it is an improvement over the SMB ending, where at least you get some closing credits and a compliment at the end for being awesome (although wasn’t it a bit presumptions to end the game by calling it “The Legend of Zelda 1?”). I also like the peppier, upbeat version of the classic Zelda theme; too bad this won’t be the last time that that pig-monster Gannon shows his snout around these parts.

The 50 Best Video Game Endings Of All Time

Like I said in my very first post, I was not going rank the top video game endings. ¬†Well, the Guinness Book of World Records decided to do so earlier this year, and the Kotaku website lists them all. Can’t really say how you can compare a 5-second 8-bit ending like Super Mario Bros (#11) with any of the modern, cinema-like endings of today, or even heart-wrenching ending to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (#3).

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